A three-farm dairy tour will be one of the highlights at the American Forage & Grassland Council’s 2002 Annual Conference, set for July 14-17 in Bloomington, MN.

The July 16 tour will feature three farms with different types of management:

  • Mohn Dairy, Lakeville, MN. Bruce and Cheryl Mohn have a 60-stall barn. They grow 250 acres of crops in an equipment and labor-sharing agreement with a neighbor. Cheryl also has developed a business that makes and retails cloth dairy supplies.
  • Cedar Summit Dairy, New Prague, MN. Dave and Florence Minar graze 150 cows and youngstock on 46 paddocks. They have a brand new mini-dairy that manufactures cheeses and skim milk.
  • Wolf Creek Dairy, Dundas, MN. This 375-cow free-stall confinement dairy is owned by Paul and Barb Liebenstein. They don’t own much land, so many of the enterprises related to crop production are contracted. Their heifers also are custom-raised, and the Liebensteins have developed manure application agreements with nearby farmers.

The dairy tour will begin at 11:30 a.m. at the Thunderbird Motel in Bloomington.