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We are proud and excited to announce the addition of Nancy Gill-Pardue to the Tru-Test team. Nancy has spent about 60-days on the job and has transitioned from learning our business to growing it.

Nancy grew up in small town Miami, TX, where her family still resides and runs a cow/calf operation. Nancy comes from five generations of farming and ranching on both sides of the family; however, as a young woman, she had no intentions of going back home or working in agriculture. She attended and graduated from Texas Tech University and spent the next 11 years in corporate hospitality, so she’s no stranger to service. “I loved the places I travelled, experiences I had, and the people I met along the way. I still frequently visit with my hospitality role models—they taught me a lot as a young adult out of college.” says Nancy.

Eventually, Nancy made her way back to her roots after realizing her true calling and passion was in the agriculture industry. Nancy spent almost 10 years as the Director of Sales and Marketing for Superior Livestock Auction. When asked about the most interesting part of that job, Nancy replied, “Not only did I learn how producers across the U.S. operate, I experienced the day-to-day challenges of the cattle market firsthand. The buyers, sellers, and representatives become family.”

Nancy brings a unique set of skills to our team. In her previous positions, Nancy worked with representatives all over the world with different personalities and backgrounds, so she’s able to relate to and understand all segments of our industry. She also makes it clear that “I wouldn’t be where I am today without my network and staying connected throughout my career.”

As the new North America Marketing Manager for Electric Fence, Nancy is responsible for branding and marketing our three lines of electric fence—Patriot, Stafix, and Speedrite. “I’m very excited to work with a company with such a wide variety of products that are valuable to farmers, ranchers, and all those passionate about agriculture.”

Nancy and her husband Brett live outside of Fort Worth where they spend their free time to keeping up with their 14-year-old and 3 ½-year-old daughters and their activities.

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