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Valley® Irrigation, The Leader in Precision Irrigation®, is proud to announce another industry first: the ability to push updates “over the air” to their ICON® control panels. This ag tech advancement is available automatically through the built-in Valley ICON Link.

Over-the-air updates will make irrigation management much simpler and less time-consuming for growers:

This industry-first feature ensures ICON panels are kept up to date with the latest improvements. Updates pushed wirelessly over the cloud mean growers no longer have to update panels in-field via a USB drive or direct connection.

These over-the-air updates will save growers the expense of a service call when installing firmware updates, as well as the time driving to each control panel and manually installing them.

In addition, it will allow even more responsive service from Valley dealers and technicians; the latest updates can be pushed out to everyone instantly, rather than taking multiple trips to the field.

The Valley ICON Link must be activated to utilize this feature.

“This new innovation furthers the Valley tradition of helping growers become more advanced and efficient,” said Andy Carritt, Vice President, Product Development. “This industry first will be with updates functioning similarly to the smartphone updates most people are familiar with – but for their smart panels.

Valley ICON panels are the most advanced in the industry, offering complete control and the most intuitive, dynamic touchscreens available. Over-the-air updates represent another leap forward in a total remote management platform to help growers gain control of their irrigation.

In conjunction with Valley 365TM, their single sign-on solution coming in early 2020, Valley remote management options are the industry’s most comprehensive yet easy-to- understand technology tools. Valley offers complete, connected crop management to help growers make better decisions, save time, maximize irrigated acres and have peace of mind.

Valley continues to develop and implement cutting-edge crop management technology that harnesses the power and efficiency of the trusted equipment in growers’ fields. For more information, contact your local Valley dealer or visit

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Valley Irrigation founded the center pivot irrigation industry in 1954, and our brand is the worldwide leader in sales, service, quality and innovation. With historical sales of more than 200,000 center pivots and linears, Valmont-built equipment annually irrigates approximately 25 million acres (10 million hectares) around the world. We remain dedicated to providing innovative, precision irrigation solutions now and into the future. For more information, please visit