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Krone North America introduces six new EasyCut™ Mower Conditioner models designed to deliver a closer cut in all crops and field conditions.

Hay producers looking for the latest technology to deliver the highest quality cuts should check out the new Krone pull-type EasyCut mower conditioners. This new generation of mower conditioners feature several new features and benefits.

New DuoGrip Hydraulic Suspension suspends the mower on its center of gravity, hydraulically guiding it across the field terrain. Krone’s proven SmartCut™ Cutterbar then follows the ground contours more accurately, resulting in a closer cut. Adjusting cutting height is quick and easy.

Multiple Conditioning Options mean faster dry down in all crops.

  • V-Tine design lets you adjust the conditioning intensity while spreading the crop across the entire working width.
  • Rubber Rollers provide uniform conditioning and gentle treatment in leafy crops like alfalfa.
  • Exclusive steel M-roll conditioners are ideal for aggressive conditioning in heavy crops.
  • No conditioning is also an option.

The Krone wide conditioner design creates more surface area for better conditioning.

New Belt Windrow Merging lets hay growers create the right-sized windrow to match the baler or chopper capacity to follow.

  • High-capacity hydraulic cross conveyor belt creates a cleaner, more uniform windrow.
  • Saves growers’ time by reducing the number of passes. And that reduces compaction.
  • Delivers excellent stability in hilly fields.

These new generation models are equipped with the SmartCut Cutterbar, known for delivering a higher quality cut:

  • The one-piece, fully welded cutterbar requires minimal maintenance.
  • QuickChange™ blades are quick to swap out while creating excellent cuts.
  • The SafeCut™ Hub’s exclusive shear-protection system prevents internal component damage in the event the mower strikes an obstacle.

When it’s time to change fields, endwise transport (optional on some models) makes for a fast switch from field to road mode.

“These mower conditioners offer several new features, including the DuoGrip Hydraulic Suspension and multiple conditioning options, that now deliver the highest quality cut in any field condition or crop,” says Jody McRee, Manager of Sales for Krone North America. “And we’ve matched these innovations with our proven superior mower conditioner technology. Hay growers who have run these mower conditioners are extremely impressed.”