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Krone introduces the 1st Round Baler—with Belts—that is Krone engineered for North American fields.

After listening to the round-baling needs of North American farmers, Krone has taken that feedback and developed the first Krone-engineered round baler, with belts. This new VariPack Round Baler is designed for hay growers looking for a high-quality round baler—with belts—that can bale faster while building dense, uniform bales.

The new VariPack Round Baler boasts a variety of exclusive and performance-enhancing features that can improve a farmer’s Return on Investment.

  • Exclusive Bale Chamber Design: The VariPack Round Baler features four (4) endless belts with a smooth surface, an exclusive design that delivers uniform, high-density bales. Rollers are spaced close together for dependable power transfer to the belts, making for reliable bale starts and consistency as the chamber fills.

  • Quick-Close Rear Door: Here’s another Krone exclusive: A quick-close rear door—that opens and closes in less than five (5) seconds—reduces time spent waiting for the bale to eject. That speeds up unloading and leads to faster baling.

  • Flexible Density Settings: The operator—from the cab—can select variable (3-stage) densities for the inner, middle and outer sections of each bale. Select a softer core that can breathe, while maintaining denser middle and outer sections. Choose pressure ranges from 0 to 100%.

  • Simple, Reliable Net Wrapping System: The VariPack net wrapping system is reliable, simple and easy to operate. The net threads easily and consistently through the rigid net feeder and starts automatically when the chamber is filled. The operator can watch and monitor the process from the cab. There’s plenty of space for spare net rolls so you can keep baling on long days. Use netwrap from 48” to 51”.

  • High-Flotation Tires: Cover lots of ground in any terrain with long-lasting, high-flotation tires, designed specifically for North American field conditions. The operator enjoys smooth, high-performance baling in any terrain.

  • Simple, Intuitive Operator Terminals: This baler’s electronic system makes for easier work and faster baling. The system is compatible with the IOSOBUS tractor terminal, and offers clear, user-friendly interfaces. Choose from two terminal options:
    • 5.7-inch touchscreen, for use on VariPack, as well as some other Krone equipment.
    • 8.0-inch touchscreen, for use with rear-view camera system (optional).

  • Fast, Easy Servicing: The clean, modern and uncluttered design provides easy and fast access to all service points. Automatic chain lubricator minimizes service time. Heavy-duty, sealed bearings are standard. Two front steps give convenient access to net unit. And the bale chamber offers easy access.

  • Reliable EasyFlow Pick-up: Krone’s exclusive EasyFlow camless pick-up is well-known for delivering maximum crop to the bale chamber and getting each bale started out right. It’s a durable and long-lasting pick-up, thanks to minimal moving parts. A pivoting, spring-loaded design follows any terrain, eliminating crop loss. 7’ pick-up width handles wide windrows. And the exclusive large auger creates more consistent crop flow from pick-up to feed roller.

  • Wide Feed Rotor and Drop Floor: The days of getting off your tractor to clear a plug are over! A wide feed rotor—which increases crop flow—and hydraulically-engaged drop floor are standard equipment, enabling faster baling, while making quick work of the occasional plug.

  • Choose 4x5 or 4x6 bale models: Both models let you change bales diameters on-the-go.
    • VariPack model 165: Bale diameter from 3’ to 5’
    • VariPack model 190: Bale diameter from 3’ to 6’

What are farmers saying? Stephen Turner of Webberville Texas ran the new Krone VariPack Round Baler. “This new Krone baler far surpasses other balers I’ve run. Bale density…field speed, and the amount of crop it will handle.”

He continues, “The fast gate cycle time is far superior. You’d be amazed how much time that saves over the course of a day…you can usually bale 800 to 1,000 bales per day.”

Gene Williams, Krone Product Manager adds, “This new Krone VariPack Round Baler is ideal for those growers who want a high-quality belt baler that builds a uniform, dense bale.”