The California Alfalfa and Forage Research Foundation (Foundation) is pleased to announce that it has awarded its second round of research grants. In March of this year, the Foundation circulated a request for research grant proposals available to researchers from any California university. Interested parties were asked to submit proposals for consideration that would support research activities that are of vital interest and direct benefit to California alfalfa and forage growers.

Two proposals were received and reviewed by the Foundation board of directors and both projects were selected. “Both of these are the types of focused projects that address immediate problems,” said Philip Bowles, Bowles Farming and Foundation Chairman. “Growers are going to gain practical knowledge that can be used on the farm right away.”

Selected projects:

ONE SIZE DOES NOT FIT ALL: THE NEED TO ESTABLISH NEW TREATMENT AND INTEGRATED PEST MANAGEMENT THRESHOLDS FOR BLUE ALFALFA APHIDS submitted by Michael D. Rethwisch, UCCE Farm Advisor, Riverside County, Blythe, CA, and Thomas Getts, UCCE Weed Ecology and Cropping Systems Advisor, Lassen County, Susanville, CA

EVALUATION OF ALMOND HULL APPLICATION AS A SOIL AMENDMENT TO ALFALFA STANDS submitted by Sarah Light, UCCE Agronomy Advisor, Sutter, Yuba, and Colusa Counties

“The Foundation Board is extremely appreciative of those who have supported and continue to support the important work being funded through the Foundation,” said Nicole Helms, Executive Director of the Foundation. “We’re excited to be able to fund another round of projects critical to our industry and are optimistic about the benefit the research will provide to California alfalfa and forage growers.”

About California Alfalfa and Forage Research Foundation: In September of 2015, the California Alfalfa & Forage Association formed the California Alfalfa & Forage Research Foundation (CAFRF) as a non-profit 501(c)(3) public benefit corporation. While various companies and public agencies may fund important research, they often do not reflect the interests of farmers or address their needs. The California Alfalfa and Forage Research Foundation is a foundation run BY and FOR alfalfa and forage growers, with a grower board. Donations to the California Alfalfa and Research Foundation are tax deductible.

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