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Forage growers in the Western half of the United States now have a powerful tool to increase the profitability of their farming operation. Riogen® (a sister company to Riomax®) is gaining traction across the agriculture industry with its flagship soil amendment, Rhyzogreen®.

Rhyzogreen® has proven to increase the soil microbial biomass count in tough, drought-stressed soils, resulting in increased hay & alfalfa production.

Rhyzogreen® is an all-natural, direct food source of trace minerals tailored to feed the soil microbial population living in your soil. By feeding those soil microbes, growers can unlock and release more nutrients already in their soil, and make them available for plants to take up.

Across 142 different soil tests performed in 2022, Rhyzogreen® showed a 93% win-rate, meaning it increased the microbial biomass in the soil 93 times out of 100!

Tests also showed an average increase of 77% in soil microbial biomass and a whopping 112% increase in the fungal portion of the fungal-to-bacterial (F:B) ratio.

Additionally, growers have reported an impressive 10-30% increase in hay and alfalfa tonnage.

"Originally, Rhyzogreen® was formulated to help row crop farmers in our local community here in Minnesota and surrounding areas”, said Trevor Greenfield, Founder and CEO of Riogen®. “However, when the data began to roll in after harvest last year, we realized that Rhyzogreen® created a higher value to forage growers found in areas with more marginal soil.”

“It was a big pill to swallow, because we set out to help mid-western row crop growers. But we must supply growers the highest possible ROI and that happens to be folks growing forage crops in the West.”

With these results, it's clear why more and more growers are turning to Rhyzogreen® as an effective solution for improving the profitability of their ranching and farming operations. Not only does it increase tonnage, but it also helps build healthier soils over time. As Greenfield puts it: " Rhyzogreen® helps growers get more off of the land they already have.”

In summary:

  • Rhyzogreen is an all-natural superfood for the soil microbial population living in your soil
  • It increases hay and alfalfa production and improves soil microbial biomass
  • It unleashes more of the available nutrients (and fertilizer) already in your soil
  • And, it’s made right in the USA!

About Riogen®:

After 20 years with their head in the rumen of a cow (ya know... with the orange lick tubs) Rio Nutrition had a lightbulb moment and decided to turn to the soil, leading to the development of Rhyzogreen®, and the founding of a sister company, Riogen®. Although Riogen ®e is only technically 2 years old, it’s backed with experience from the same small family-owned and operated team who care about one thing: helping growers and ranchers get more out of what they’ve already got.

Riogen® is the maker of Rhyzogreen®, a nutrient-dense soil amendment that feeds microbial communities within drought-stressed and marginal soils in the Western United States.

For information on Rhyzogreen®, where to buy, or to learn about becoming a dealer, give us a call at 1-888-507-0122 or visit . Also find us on Facebook and YouTube.