March 7, 2016 07:50 PM

Company pioneered concept in 1976

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Stoltzfus Spreaders' new 10-ton WLS-100 Wet Lime Spreader, shown here with optional PTO hydraulics and corner pockets, incorporates Stoltzfus' proven geometry required to prevent bridging for hard-to-spread material such as damp lime, litter and compost.

Stoltzfus Spreaders, which introduced the wet lime spreader in 1976, has added a 10-ton version (WLS-100) to its line of wet lime agricultural spreaders, which includes two-, four-, five- and eight-ton WLS models.

The WLS-100 is designed for medium to large farms, said Bernard Hershberger, owner and president of Stoltzfus Spreaders. “Wet lime spreaders have enabled farmers to backhaul and stockpile truckloads of inexpensive lime and apply it when it is convenient,” he said.

The new 10-ton Stoltzfus wet lime spreader has a 212-cubic-foot hopper made of 11-gauge steel. The 53-degree side slopes, 24-inch carbon steel slat-style drag chain and engineered drop pan work in combination to prevent bridging, allowing consistent material flow for true multi-purpose spreading.

Hershberger said the Stoltzfus WLS-100 has the industry’s only fully welded unibody construction. Its heavy-duty structural tube steel frame and rugged walking beam suspension easily handles stresses from 10-ton loads. The large 21.5L 14-ply tires offer high flotation and smooth rolling on rough terrain.

The twin-pinion, hydraulically driven gearbox and hardened carbon steel driveshaft are sized to deliver the power to break out packed damp lime loads. Two 24-inch, 7-gauge steel spinners are top driven, isolating the drives from corrosive chemicals and the shock of material pounding on their disks.

The Stoltzfus WLS-100 spreader can be built from mild steel, Cor-Ten or 304 stainless steel. It is available with plug-to-tractor hydraulics or a self-contained PTO hydraulic system.

“A unique and beneficial option is our shredder” added Hershberger. “High rate application can result in large chunks of material leaving the gate. The shredder breaks down the chunks for an even spread pattern and less wear on the spinners.”

Options including VRT (variable rate ready), tarps, lights and corner pockets are available.

Headquartered in Morgantown, Pa., Stoltzfus Spreaders has been supplying spreaders to global agricultural markets for 70 years, longer than any independent spreader manufacturer in America. All products are made in the U.S.

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