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Patz’s version of the patented device uses a powerful magnet having a 4” thickness to aid in the strength and pull radius. The strong tub mounted magnet can reach tramp metal further in the ration being blended inside of the mixer tub. The magnet is designed to capture and hold metal to it throughout the mixing process. Metallic materials remain secured to the magnet and are not mixed back in to the ration.

Beneficial to both operator and livestock, the tub mounted magnet is able to pull tramp metal that may be hidden in TMR ingredients. The magnet helps prevent animals from ingesting potentially dangerous metal materials that may be located in their feed. These metal items could cause Bovine Traumatic Reticulopericarditis (commonly known as Hardware Disease). As one of our satisfied customers stated, “If it saves one cow, it’s paid for itself.”

Patz Corporation’s patented tub mounted magnet was designed with safety in mind, and not just for the animals. The magnet is accessible from the outside of the machine for easy servicing and cleaning - without having to enter the Vertical Mixer. The magnet has a user-friendly, outside handle along with a hinged assembly encased in stainless steel to allow operator easy access. Pictorial safety decals are included on every patented tub mounted magnet shipped. The patented tub mounted magnet is available as an option on New Patz Vertical Mixers and can be easily added to an existing unit by contacting your local Patz Dealer. Note: The patented tub mounted magnet is exclusive to Patz Vertical Mixers.

Patz Corporation continues to thrive in an ever-changing market by listening to the needs of the diverse customer base we serve, ranging from small dairies to large farming operations to commercial enterprises.

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