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Kuhn North America, Inc., is pleased to introduce the new KUHN Krause Excelerator® XT 8010 vertical tillage system. While retaining our 1 to 5 degree vertical tillage gang angle range for true VT performance, the new Excelerator XT 8010 features an additional XTended range of 6 to 8 degrees. Double-digit gang angles of 10 degrees or greater were avoided to maintain proven Excelerator performance metrics. The added capability to increase gang angle will assist the operator in removing shallow rooted weed growth or filling light ruts created from previous harvest traffic or sprayer passes.

Individual gang angles adjust using a standard mechanical screw adjustment or an optional hydraulic “on-the-go” adjustment feature is available. The hydraulic option includes an “in-cab” selector that allows the operator to move front and rear gangs simultaneously, retain the same gang angles front to rear. Or to adjust the front and rear gangs independently, varying the front and rear gang angle.

Additional features include: combination 7” front and 8” rear blade spacing, a mid-mounted heavy-duty tine section, no-daily grease maintenance bearings, constant-flow hydraulic down-pressure adjustment for wing sections, plus the exclusive and proven Star Wheel™ treader finishing attachment and 24/7® conditioning reel. The 32-flute, 22-inch, Excalibur® VT blades continue to provide exceptional blade life and retain a cutting edge as they wear, when operated at 8 degrees or less.

Designed to operate at 8 to 10 mph field speeds throughout the gang angle range, the new Excelerator XT 8010 provides producers with a versatile and productive “high speed” vertical tillage tool that is proficient in either fall or spring tillage applications. Currently available in 30’, 34’ and 40’ sizes, the KUHN Krause Excelerator XT continues to offer features and benefits recognized by today’s top producers.

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