Nov. 17, 2021 08:46 AM

New products from Fendt®, Massey Ferguson®, and Precision Planting® recognized for innovation and engineering excellence.

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AGCO Corporation
(NYSE: AGCO), a global leader in the design, manufacture and distribution of agricultural machinery and precision ag technology, received seven AE50 Awards from the American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers (ASABE) for 2022. Each year, ASABE selects only 50 products from the agricultural, food and biological industries to recognize for remarkable innovation, significant engineering advancement, and impact on their markets. This year’s recognition marks another very impressive performance for AGCO, with the awards being shared by three of the company’s brands: Fendt®, Massey Ferguson®, and Precision Planting®.

The 2022 AE50 Award-winning products from AGCO are:
  • Fendt Rogator® 900 Series Applicator
  • Fendt 300 Vario® Series Tractor
  • Fendt TI Headland K-Turn Assistant
  • Massey Ferguson 8S Tractor
  • Massey Ferguson DM 367 FQ-RC Front Mower
  • Precision Planting Reveal®
  • Precision Planting SmartDepth®
“The AE50 Awards are among our industry’s highest achievements and AGCO is very proud to be honored again this year with ASABE’s recognition,” said Brad Arnold, senior vice president, Product Management at AGCO. “While these awards span multiple AGCO brands, they represent a singular dedication to the farmer-first focus that guides every brand and employee at AGCO. These high quality, smart solutions are designed to provide exceptional outcomes for our customers and enable more sustainable, efficient, and profitable operations.”

The AE50 Award program is sponsored by Resource, the membership publication of ASABE, to emphasize the role of new and redesigned products and systems in bringing advanced technology to the marketplace. The awards will be presented during ASABE's Agricultural Equipment Technology Conference (AETC) in February 2022.

The Fendt Rogator 900 Series Applicator is a self-propelled, rear-mounted-boom applicator with dual-position, adjustable crop clearance for use from pre-plant to tall crops. The machine adjusts between standard (56-60”) and high clearance (72-76”) in less than 45 seconds with the push of a button. It can be equipped with liquid, dry pneumatic or dry spinner delivery systems, which can be converted in as little as two hours. The result is a single, versatile solution for year-round application of liquid or dry crop nutrients and crop protection products and seeding of cover crops, replacing multiple machines and optimizing equipment investment. This applicator’s innovative design and versatility also allow better control of timing and method of applying products to help optimize yields and the investment in crop care products.

The Fendt 300 Vario® Series Tractor consolidates the proven innovations and features of Fendt’s higher-horsepower offerings into an expanded wheeled tractor product line in North America. The Fendt 300 Vario is characterized by its thoughtful design down to the last detail. This latest generation includes four models ranging from 100 to 132 rated hp in the three configurations from Power and Profi up to Profi+. The fourth generation Vario features the all-new smart power-boost concept Fendt DynamicPerformance (DP) on the Fendt 314 Vario which provides up to 10 rated hp more power on demand. Superior driving and working comfort were first in mind when designing this platform. The system guarantees maximum ride comfort and ease of use with its new optional VisioPlus™ cab, the FendtONE™ operator's station, the self-levelling suspended front axle, cab suspension, Fendt Cargo loaders and a variety of Fendt Smart Farming solutions. Like all Fendt products, the new Fendt 300 Vario series is supported with the Fendt Gold Star Customer Care program, a 3-year or 3,000-hour full machine warranty that includes all scheduled maintenance, a loaner guarantee, and five years of Fendt Connect.

The Fendt TI Headland K-Turn Assistant provides automated reverse turn capabilities (Y-turns and K-turns) alongside other existing fully-automatic turn types that allow tractor operators to more accurately and efficiently make turns with three-point mounted implements and on small headlands (an animation of supported turn types may be found HERE). Current automated turn modes such as Part-Field and U-turns require large headlands or do not allow implements to finish rows in straight lines. With the Turn Assistant, sequences for both Y-turns and K-turns begin automatically upon entering the headland. Once the operator reverses, automatic steering ensures that both the tractor and implement run seamlessly into the next wayline.

The Massey Ferguson 8S Series Tractor (6 models, 205 – 305 max engine hp) was designed with significant “Voice of the Customer” input and represents a transformation in the brand’s tractor history. The 8S includes several brand-new features, hydraulic and cooling improvements, and an aggressive styling scheme that all Massey Ferguson tractors will soon adopt. The 8S is available in two transmission options: The dual-clutch Dyna E-Power™, provides smooth shifting and speed changes with no torque interruption and superior power transfer to the ground, and the Dyna-VT™, a proven CVT that allows operators to select the exact speed and engine RPM needed for the job at hand. The Protect-U™ design maximizes separation between the cab and hood, leading to freer flow of fresh air to the engine and considerably quieter operating conditions in the cab. The cab is brand new down to the frame and sports a color and shape reminiscent of vintage Massey Ferguson tractors. The customer interface is highly intuitive and simple to use and is a great example of how the 8S embodies two key themes of the Massey Ferguson brand: Straightforward and Dependable.

The Massey Ferguson DM 367 FQ-RC is a front 3-point hitch mounted mower with rubber conditioner rolls which provides features and options that benefit hay and forage producers alike. The design of the mower linkage means the mower is “pulled” instead of “pushed” with the use of pulled bars, steering rods and cylinders with ball joints that ensure exceptional three-dimensional ground adaptation for perfect forage production and minimal loss. The heavy-duty one-piece welded steel RazorEdge™ cutterbar features a wide disc diameter to ensure high output and reduced power consumption in heavier crops for a lower cost of ownership. Direct attachment to the tractor linkage without an ‘A’ frame results in a shorter front overhang for better stability and comfort. Ease of use features such as foldable protective covers for transport and a wide opening front cover allows easy access to the cutterbar and quick-change blades.

Precision Planting Reveal is an all-new frame-mounted, floating residue management system for row crop planters that uses a trailing, internal gauge wheel to control the depth of the cleaning tines and airbags that adjust the row cleaner‘s contact with the ground. Reveal is frame-mounted to isolate its weight and adjustment pressures from affecting the planter's row unit dynamics. The internal gauge wheel is used to set a consistent depth of the cleaning tines by running on the cleaned dirt, not on top of the residue. Reveal is also equipped with two air bags, one for down pressure, and one for lift pressure to make necessary adjustments to the aggressiveness of the row cleaner wheels.

Precision Planting SmartDepth is a depth calibration and control system for row crop planters that provides the ability to adjust planting depth from the cab of the tractor. When paired with Precision Planter SmartFirmer®, SmartDepth can automatically control planting depth to a soil moisture target. SmartDepth replaces factory-standard T-handle depth adjustment with an electronic actuator that connects to the depth adjustment mechanism in the row unit. SmartDepth gives growers the ability to ensure that every row unit is accurate in its depth setting through a pre-plant calibration process. The grower can then adjust depth on the go from the cab manually or set SmartFirmer in-furrow moisture targets on the 20|20® display to control the depth automatically with SmartDepth.

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