Oct. 14, 2022 09:59 AM

Protect Investments with New High-fiber Hybrids, Plant Moisture Goals and Good Cut Lengths

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New Brevant® seeds brand Bovalta™ BMR silage corn delivers high levels of fiber digestibility.

Silage corn is maturing quickly despite a later planting window. Late-season heat is helping silage corn dry down for a better harvest and easier storage. This is good news for northern Midwest and Northeast producers watching the forecast for the first freeze.

“The conversations we’re having at harvest focus on protecting investments,” said Cari Slater, Silage Technical Manager for the Brevant® seeds brand. “If producers are feeding 75 or 80 pounds of corn silage per head per day, they’re relying on a huge amount of on-farm feed, and it must be stored correctly to preserve silage quality. Fiber digestibility plays a critical role after harvest because it allows producers to fuel cows with more energy from a digestible fiber source.”

Silage with highly digestible fiber helps producers get more out of what they feed cows. New for 2023, Brevant® seeds brand Bovalta™ BMR silage corn builds on the high level of fiber digestibility that producers count on from BMR, with improved agronomics, tonnage and starch. Brevant seeds brand Bovalta BMR silage corn is built with the newest, elite genetics from Corteva Agriscience to help producers boost milk production and their bottom line.

Two more ways to help maximize investments at harvest are to check whole-plant moisture and get a good cut length. When silage is cut too short, it can pass through the cow too quickly. Cut too long, however, and it doesn’t pack as well in a bunker or silo.

“Whole-plant moisture is one of the most critical components of the silage harvest,” Slater said. “Producers should target 65% to 68% moisture, depending on how the silage is being stored.”

Slater recommends producers work closely with their ag retailer and nutritionist this fall to assess silage quality, evaluate performance and review new products that will help them meet their dairy goals. Brevant seeds brand Bovalta BMR silage corn is the newest addition to a proven line of high-performance silage, including Brevant seeds brand BMR hybrids, Unified® corn silage with SilaSoft™ technology, TMF hybrids and Brevant seeds brand Forage Quality products.

For more information about protecting profitability and silage yield potential, visit your local ag retailer and visit Brevant.com.