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Dairymen, cattlemen, horse feeders and hay sellers now have new technology available for making and retaining the highest quality dry hay. Harvest Tec has introduced the most advanced preservative application for round and small square balers with the innovative 700 Series Commercial Applicators. This new series makes the process of applying preservative easier and more efficient, and has the capability to match the speed and higher capacity of today’s balers. The 700 Series offers greater reliability from engineered simplicity, fewer components and less maintenance. It has been previously introduced for large square balers.

Higher quality feed is harvested because the new 700 Series Commercial Applicator allows the operator to bale round and small square bales up to 30% moisture content and retains that quality in the bale during storage. It also widens the harvest window for getting the crop out of the field and into the bale faster. Another benefit with this system is that the operator can easily add a moisture dye marker to mark wet bales while automatically applying preservative.

Harvest Tec moisture sensing technology is recognized in the industry for its reliable accuracy. It measures moisture across the full width of the bale taking 30 readings per second. Rugged sensors can read round bale moisture content up to 60 percent accurately.

Based on predetermined application rates set by the operator, the system’s control module activates a single bypass pump that supplies constant pressure to a pulsating solenoid for instant response to changing moisture levels, controlling rates from 12 to 348 pounds per hour for small square balers, and 16 to 460 pounds for round balers. The superior quality flowmeter works for a range of products. The small square controller allows for the addition of a stroke counter providing real time strokes per bale for commercial operations demanding a consistent length of bale. With the addition of a GPS receiver the 700 series records baling rates providing dry matter yield maps for operations managing forage yields with precision technology.

A choice of monitors

Baler operators can observe the continually changing moisture levels on their choice of monitoring device…viewing on the Harvest Tec virtual display, an Android™ or Apple® tablet, or with most ISOBUS monitors. Information displayed includes current moisture levels, the reading of the last bale, amount of preservative being applied as well as the target rate, the average amount of preservative used and the total amount for the job being done. It also shows the current baling rate and the number of bales made. Job records contain additional information including the average moisture for the field and the total tonnage baled.

Harvest Tec’s new 700 Series Commercial Applicator is available now for all makes through your hay tools dealer. For more information, contact your dealer, visit or call (800) 635-7468.