SalinityMax, a salt-tolerant alfalfa, and PasturePlus, a grazing-tolerant variety, were developed in North and South Dakota and are now available from Millborn Seed.

“They both carry disease-, nematode- and insect-resistant packages as good as any conventional variety of alfalfa,” says Eric Mousel, Millborn Seeds alfalfa and forage specialist.

SalinityMax serves as a good forage option and as a reclamation tool, says Mousel.

PasturePlus, adapted to poorly drained soils, has a branch-root system that holds the plant securely during freeze-and-thaw cycles, making it grazing-resistant and winterhardy. “This alfalfa variety is very compatible with grass because it doesn’t have as much lignin and structural carbohydrates, lending to higher nutritional quality,” Mousel says.

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