With an eye toward developing a regional, producer-oriented forage-marketing organization, the Nebraska Alfalfa Marketing Association (N.A.M.A.) has opened up its membership to growers from beyond the state’s borders.

“The whole country has fewer and fewer forage producers,” says Barb Kinnan, executive director of N.A.M.A., currently made up of 100 Nebraska growers. “We want to see if there’s some potential to increase our member numbers and expand what we’re able to do for the forage industry at the same time.”

Out-of-state producers who sign up will be able to list hay-for-sale inventories on the N.A.M.A. website, participate in certain state and regional trade shows and serve on its committees. At this point, they won’t have voting rights at its annual meeting or be listed in the general directory’s annual print version.

Dues for non-Nebraska members will be $300 annually. Nebraska members pay $165-660 depending on how many acres they devote to alfalfa production.

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“We’re just in the initial stages of getting this up and running,” says Kinnan. “We may need to tweak and change some things as we go along. The one thing that won’t change is our commitment to remaining a totally producer-focused organization.”

Since the associate program was announced at the start of the year, members have joined from Iowa, Wisconsin and Colorado. To learn more, contact Kinnan at 800-743-1649 or nebalf@cozadtel.net.

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