Agco Corporation may receive a U.S. Department of Energy funding award for its efforts toward the efficient collection and transportation of cellulosic biomass to production plants for processing. The company is working to demonstrate the viability of a hay product as a least-cost, near-term means for supplying high-tonnage biomass feedstocks to cellulosic biofuel processors.

“Agco's R & D team has earned the recognition that accompanies this award. Their work in the area of biomass positions Agco well as an accomplished supplier in this growing market segment,” says Garry Ball, senior vice president of global engineering.

To deliver the objectives of the grant, Agco will work with industry-leading renewable-fuel producers, such as Poet, Abengoa Bioenergy and Terrabon. Agco will also work with industrial experts who focus on biofuels and energy crops, such as researchers at Idaho National Laboratory, The Samuel Roberts Noble Foundation, Texas A&M University, Oklahoma State University, Iowa State University and the energy-crop company, Ceres, Inc.