Proposed dairy reforms stayed intact as the House Ag Committee approved its version of the 2012 Farm Bill, which now moves on for a full House vote, according to the Milk Producers Council (MPC).

“This was a huge step forward in our industry’s efforts to modernize our Federal dairy safety net policies by creating a system that treats all dairies fairly, regardless of size, and give the industry a tool to collectively respond to supply/demand imbalances by quickly and temporarily adjusting on-the-farm milk supplies,” according to the July 13 MPC newsletter.

An amendment “aimed at gutting the dairy reforms by removing the Dairy Market Stabilization Program from this bill” failed, after extensive debate, to make the farm bill.

“This week’s vote in the House Ag Committee puts the dairy industry in a great position to make fundamental changes to our safety net policies. The provisions in the Committee-passed bill largely mirror the dairy provisions approved back in April by the U.S. Senate,” the newsletter reports.

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