A new forum set up specifically for discussions among hay and forage growers is now open at www.HayTalk.com. The Web site was developed by Jim Brown, a retired Air Force member, and was designed by his college-student son, Zachary. Brown works in Indianapolis, IN, and grows hay with his brother, John, in north-central Indiana. “Our hope is to provide a forum for hay and forage folks to come together and talk about their trade,” says Brown. “We want to create a community that brings together hay farmers from all around the world.”

The site includes sections on Alfalfa/Hay/Silage, Pasture/Grazing, Livestock, Machinery, Hay and Forage Testing, Farm Safety, and Insects and Disease. Brown plans to add a section on custom harvesting in the future. The site also features a Marketplace where users can buy and sell products or services, and also Shop Talk and Politics sections.

Brown wants to keep the advertising on the site to a minimum for now – just to generate the funds to keep it open. “I just want to try to help the forage community and create a place where we can get together, help each other out, and make some friends,” he says.

Contact Brown at 618-334-0940 or haytalk@gmail.com.