Hay prices may be stronger next year in parts of Alberta as more producers move fields away from hay production says Don Allan, Allan Hay Company, Sylvan Lake. "A lot of land that has been in hay production has been sprayed out last fall," he explains. "After a couple of years of depressed hay prices, the farmers are opting to increase their acreage of feed grain production."

Allan says some of the second-cut alfalfa that was snowed under in the windrows last fall was ready to bale last week. "There were a few hours available where the hay was dry enough to bale before it started to rain," he says. "The rain is expected to turn to snow so the short supply of feed in our area will now likely push prices higher for awhile." Allan reports there was some evidence of new growth in pastures last week, but with more snow coming it will be some time before grazing is likely to happen. Some people had started fertilizing grasslands and Allan was expecting to resume baling and fertilizing once conditions dried up after the weather system moved through.

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