The first alfalfa cutting is expected to be delayed, but it doesn't look like production will be cut as a result of freeze damage in Keith, Arthur and Perkins counties in Nebraska. The delay may cause the fall cutting to be short, though. Alfalfa crop losses in Butler County are estimated to be at least 1/4 ton per acre due to a combination of stem loss and a delay in new stem growth.

Alfalfa was set back and yellowed by the freeze in Holt and Boyd counties, but most fields are starting to green up again. Some producers lost alfalfa due to heavy ice cover in late December, but the problem doesn't appear to be sizeable. Between 2" and 3" of rain has stopped field activities in Dakota, Dixon and Thurston counties. Alfalfa in this area is said to be looking better with warm weather allowing for regrowth.

The alfalfa is coming back slowly in Nemaha County and weeds are starting to appear in alfalfa fields.

Source: University of Nebraska Crop Watch Newsletter.

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