A new forage Web site and newsletter have been launched by the University of Minnesota extension forage team. The Web site highlights current events and programs, research updates, hay auction results and recent publications. There is also information on topics such as alfalfa, clover, corn silage, economics, establishment, fertility, forage quality, grasses, harvesting and storage, livestock and weed control. The address is www.extension.umn.edu/forages.

The forage team has also initiated a free, four-page e-mail newsletter called Forage Quarterly to disseminate the latest information on forage research and events at the University of Minnesota and in the Upper Midwest. The newsletter will be produced in August, November, February and May each year. Each issue will focus on timely forage management information for farmers and ag professionals, including these areas: hot topics, alternative forages, harvesting and storage, pastures, livestock, equipment, research updates, and upcoming events and programs.

Read the first issue of Forage Quarterly and sign up for future issues on the Web site.