Alfalfa experts from around the country will talk about Roundup Ready alfalfa, forage testing and marketing -- among other topics -- at the National Alfalfa Symposium. It will be held at the Ramada Inn and Conference Center, Kearney, NE, on Feb. 4-5.

Held in conjunction with the Mid-America Alfalfa Expo, Feb. 5-6, hosted by the Nebraska Alfalfa Marketing Association. The Symposium also offers growers tips on grazing alfalfa, manure management, fertilizing alfalfa, irrigation and pest control. Alfalfa as a biofuel, alfalfa breeding and what's new in forage equipment are other subjects to be explored.

A lively discussion on Roundup Ready alfalfa will conclude the first day's program with a reception and banquet to follow. The morning of Feb. 5, forage-testing accuracy will be discussed and a marketing panel of growers will tell what works for their operations.

Following the conference, participants are encouraged to visit the Mid-America Expo at the nearby Buffalo County Fairgrounds in Kearney.

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