A cutting width that rivals those of self-propelled mowers is available in a tractor-driven triple disc mower imported from Denmark.

The GXT 13005 P combines a 12’-wide front-mounted mower with two 15’-wide trailed units for a 40’ cutting width. It’s marketed by Kongskilde Industries, a Danish farm equipment manufacturer with U.S. headquarters in Hudson, IL.

Kongskilde bought the hay equipment line of JF-Stoll, another Danish company, in 2011. The GXT 13005 was introduced in Europe that same year. It was developed after the GXT 12005, a similar, 38’-wide machine that JF-Stoll called “the world’s biggest trailed mower” when it was introduced in 2008.

The rear cutting units on both models ride on a trailed suspension and transport frame that takes most of the weight off the tractor. The transport frame’s two wheels have power steering, which company literature says permits a short turning radius and improves maneuverability.

The mower folds to a 10’ transport width. It comes with or without finger-type conditioners and makes five windrows – one in the center and two behind each of the rear wings. Optional “collectors” move newly cut forage toward the center on belts, forming one or more bigger windrows.

“You can do a little bit of everything with it,” says Vern Williamson, Kongskilde’s U.S. marketing coordinator. “I watched it cut through a field at 12 mph, and it did quite a job.”

The mower lists for $200,000-210,000 with collectors or about $160,000 without them, he says. Minimum tractor power requirements are 300 hp and 250 hp for the mower with and without collectors, respectively.

The Kongskilde-JF line also includes smaller mowers, tedders, rakes and pull-type forage harvesters. A nationwide dealer network is being established, says Williamson.

For more information, contact Williamson at 309-820-1090 or vew@kongskilde.com.

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