Dane Hanson was impressed with the simplicity and solid construction of a Spanish-made bale-packaging machine when he watched it operating in an Internet video. So he bought one for his Jamestown, KS, haying operation.

“I’ve put 50,000 bales through my machine and haven’t broken down once,” says Hanson.

He recently began selling and importing the Arcusin MultiPack B14, which groups small square bales ranging from 34 to 48” long. It makes 14-bale bundles of 14 x 18” bales or 12-bale packages of 16 x 18” bales, each wrapped with four strands of plastic twine.

Between 20 and 30 bundles can be made per hour. The packages are formed vertically. The first two bales are placed side by side in the machine, then are lifted to make room for the next two, until the package is complete. Then it’s tied and the rear of the machine tilts backward to release it.

“You can see the bales from the time they go into the machine until it dumps them out,” says Hanson. “So you can constantly see what’s going on inside the machine.”

A touch-screen monitor lets the operator control all functions from the tractor cab, he adds.

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Most functions are powered by a hydraulic pump mounted on the B14 and driven by the tractor’s pto. The pickup is raised and lowered by the tractor’s hydraulic system. The minimum tractor power requirement is 80 hp.

The B14 is priced at $75,000-80,000, and a new C14 model with a different pickup attachment costs $85,000. Hanson imports them on order, so delivery takes five to eight weeks. Some assembly is required. Most replacement parts are readily available in the U.S., he says.

Arcusin has been in business for 30 years, and its equipment is sold almost worldwide, says Hanson. He’s the only U.S. dealer, but plans to set up distributorships if sales go well. The company also makes several other bale-handling implements, including a bale wagon for collecting multiple-bale packages.

“I think we will eventually get those into this country,” he says.

Watch a video of the B14 at work. Contact Hanson at hansondane@nckcn.comor visit www.arcusin.com.

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