New ways to improve the feed value of corn silage and corn stover will be detailed at the Jan. 22-23 Midwest Forage Association (MFA), Wisconsin Custom Operators (WCO) and Professional Nutrient Applicators (PNA) Symposium and annual meetings.

The symposium, at the Chula Vista Resort, Wisconsin Dells, will include general sessions and topics tailored to each of the three organizations.

The mechanical aspects of shredlage production, and a panel of farmers who have used the alternative corn silage processing method, will be covered during the opening session. A report on shredlage research and feeding applications will close the symposium.

Lime-treated corn stover: how to do it and its feed value will be discussed during an MFA session the first afternoon. Other MFA topics will include: reducing silage shrink, silage inoculants and their effects on animal performance, producing and feeding winter rye, foliar fungicides for silage corn and alfalfa, and weed control in new Roundup Ready alfalfa stands.

WCO topics will include justifying new equipment purchases, biodiesel from an energy independence perspective, and bunker and pile covering options and techniques. Also, equipment manufacturers will tell about their newest kernel/crop processors and yield, moisture and mapping systems.

New technologies in manure separation, nutrient availability of manipulated manure, the cost of hauling and applying manure, engine maintenance and more will be discussed by PNA speakers.

For details, visit or call 651-484-3888.