Scott Foerg isn't the only one to benefit from Dave Forgey's grazing expertise, generosity and plain common sense. Terri Hawbaker, Pewamo, MI, says he's also helped her and her husband, Rick.

“Dave's a really great guy,” says Hawbaker, of Grazeway Dairy. “He gave us half of the drop tubes and flex auger that we needed for the feed system. He had taken it out of his old barn and offered it to us because he wanted to help a young farmer get going.”

Twenty-something Hawbaker, who milks 97 cows, also learned profitable lessons from grazing articles Forgey has written (see

“Dave wrote an article one time about grazing in a drought. It said to not graze down too low in a drought, because when rains come, the grass will grow back faster. We've made a lot of money off that simple concept.”