A food bank for horses, begun by the Minnesota Horse Welfare Coalition, is seeking funding, says Krishona Martinson, University of Minnesota Extension equine specialist.

“So far, the Minnesota Hay Bank has raised about $15,000 in private funds and have divvied out about $12,000 in hay to responsible horse owners,” Martinson says.

The hay bank application process, she adds, includes an online application and phone interview. It’s “intended to be thorough so we can properly assess need,” she adds. Those approved can get up to 15 small square bales per horse for up to 10 horses from the hay bank. “That's enough for about a month's supply for the average horse. About half a bale per horse per day is what an average horse will consume.

“We’re trying to give people some short-term relief,” she adds. The hay bank’s purpose is to “help keep horses well-fed and healthy, even in hard times,” according to the Minnesota Hay Bank website.

Individuals or companies interested in making tax-deductible donations can get more information at the same website. The hay bank application can be found here.

The Minnesota Horse Welfare Coalition is a group of organizations, horse rescues, humane agents and individuals working to prevent horse neglect, abandonment and abuse, according to its website.

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