Center-Delivery Rakes

Claas Liner center-delivery rakes come with 11-14 tine arms equipped with four double tines per arm per rotor, allowing for increased work rates as the crop is turned into evenly laid and ash-free windrows. Working widths range from 20' to 29'6" and windrow widths from 4'7" to 7'10" with manual or the new hydraulic width adjustment from the cab. The two-point attachment with fixed rear-axle steering adjusts to all terrains.

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Fuel Additive

CMH Industries, Inc., Detroit Lakes, MN, introduces the fuel additive CA-40, which is a combustion enhancer rather than a solvent or conditioner. It doesn't affect cetane or octane. Its key ingredient, calcium, bonds to hydrocarbons for a more efficient burn, resulting in a long-er, stronger push on the piston and an increase in horsepower. Nitrogen oxide emissions also decrease, according to the company.

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Oxbo Markets Avalanche Mergers

The Avalanche merger line, formerly sold through Miller Pro, is now being marketed by Oxbo International Corp. Oxbo has designed and manufactured the Avalanche line since its inception and is selling it through Oxbo Avalanche dealers. For more information, visit

Automatic Bale Wagons

New Holland's H9800 Series automatic bale wagons come in two self-propelled models that can handle big or small square bales. Both models can now accommodate the Mil-Stak large rectangular bale-handling attachment that permits handling loads of fifteen 3 × 3' bales or ten 3 × 4' bales, five bales high.

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Tarp Fastener

A handy tool to help mount tarps to structures, seam multiple tarps together, replace torn grommets and grab tarps is available from Grabbit Tool Co., Littleton, CO. The 20" Long Grabbit, the 6" EZ Grabbit and the 1.5" Mini Grabbit each consists of two pieces. The “dogbone” piece is put where you want to grab the tarp, which is then rolled around the piece. A sleeve piece slides over the dogbone and a leader rope holds the pieces together and traps the tarp.

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