Windrower Header

New Holland's 2353 Discbine disc header for the HW 5 Series Speedrower self-propelled windrowers delivers a 13' cutting width, especially advantageous for haymakers working in humid climates. The slim operating and transport width of the 10-disc header make it easy to maneuver in smaller fields and on tight roadways and lanes. It matches the company's 186 pto-hp HW345 and 225 pto-hp HW365 Speedrowers.
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Double Windrow Attachment

A double windrow attachment from RCI Engineering can eliminate merging or raking in conditions that don't require wide swaths for drydown, according to the company. The attachment, used on a John Deere 4995 Windrower in front of a self-propelled forage harvester, easily merges windrows. The attachment's controls are integrated to the windrower for automatic control. It can be removed in 15 minutes and reinstalled in 30.
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Large Square Baler

Agco Hesston 7400 Series large square balers provide a new feeder design and faster gearbox to improve capacity, while heavier tines and a new flotation system improve pickup. Durability is enhanced with tougher components. Models 7444 4 × 4 and 7434 3 × 4 retain proven Hesston elements, like the double knotter and single gearbox chain drive, according to the company.
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Self-Propelled Small Baler

The Freeman 270/370 self-propelled baler is the highest-capacity baler on the market, producing up to 30 tons per hour, according to the company. It features hydrostatic drive, which replaces shifting, and a synchronized feeding action that assures gentle hay handling. Hay is fed from pickup to bale chamber without bunching, piling up, or damaging leaves. Compact, uniform bales are easy to haul.
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Forage Inoculants

Lallemand Animal Nutrition's Biotal forage inoculants feature a new formula to ensure the products stay viable when mixed with water. They're formulated, packaged and shipped under strict quality-control measures to ensure product strength and efficacy. Lallemand pioneered the identification and application of Lactobacillus buchneri 40788 - the only strain reviewed by the Food and Drug Administration to allow the claim “for improved aerobic stability of silage and high-moisture corn stored for not less than 60 days.”
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