Peruse these pasture products for the latest introductions and improvements from top fencing manufacturers. For more information on any of the products listed, visit the Web sites listed below each item.

Energizer With Trouble Lights

A powerful 8-joule energizer with two diagnostic LED indicator lights, the Kencove 8 flashes green when voltage is above 3,500 volts and red when the fence falls below that. The ground LED flashes green when voltage on the grounding system is below 1,000 and red when it's above.

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Fence Charger

The Titan TE800, from Twin Mountain Fence, is a durable, 110-volt, digitally controlled electric fence charger. It produces 8 output joules capable of powering 80 miles of fence. Its electrical pulse shape is designed for high performance on fence lines with abundant weed growth and/or long distances.

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Solar Energizer

From Cameo Fencing, the Eclipse DS40 Solar Energizer is a 12-volt system for small farms of up to 40 acres. It has built-in lightning protection.

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Hydraulic Post Driver is a hydraulic post driver for installing wood or metal fence posts. Made by Shaver Mfg. and distributed by Kencove Farm Fence, it has a standard stabilizer pad and plastic slide blocks for stabilizing vertical driving force.

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Fence Energizer

The DSX140 low-impedance energizer, from Dare Products, offers 0.35-joule output and controls up to 35 acres. It offers LCD display for fence voltage, battery status and pulse rate, plus adjustable modes. The model DS140 is also available without LCD display.


Fence Auger

The Danuser J20/80 Auger offers a 4- to 24"-diameter range and is for category I or II tractors with 20-80 hp. Its three-point hitch consists of 3½" O.D. boom and 3" O.D. yoke.

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Pasture Pipe, Couplings

A “burst-proof” pasture pipe, from Kentucky Graziers Supply, is flexible even in sub-zero temperatures, keeping frozen water from rupturing the pipe used in grazing systems.

AgriFit Compression Couplings, rated at 140 psi, can be hand-tightened and used above or below ground with the system.

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Solar-Powered Driveway Alert

A 20" solar-powered probe buried underground and parallel to the driveway offers an alert system up to a half mile away. The Cartell Solar 9V Probe contains an 80' cable and an electronic sensing board and radio transmit housed in a small, square, 4.7" all-weather enclosure. It's from the Gate Bird Long Range Gate Operator Co.

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Portable Paddock

The compact, lightweight Fi-Shock Portable Paddock Electric Fence System offers a 25 × 25' double-line enclosure — or a 50 × 50' single-line temporary enclosure. From Woodstream Corp., it uses step-in posts, polytape, a battery-powered energizer and a copper-coated grounding rod to create an electric current to send an electric pulse.

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Insulator Extender

Dare Products' model 2947-10 is a 6" ring insulator extender for wood posts that holds ½" tape and wire and rope up to 8 mm. It keeps livestock away from trouble areas.


Lightning Protector

A lightning protector for electric fence energizers comes from Dare Products. The model 2454 is an improved design that helps choke out surges before damaging the charger.


High-Security Latch

D&D Technologies' Lokk-Latch PRO SL self-locks and self-latches, is horizontally and vertically adjustable, and features a six-pin security lock that can be rekeyed to other gates or doors. The latch has an external access function that lets the operator open both sides of a gate. It fits gate gaps of ⅜-1.5" and posts up to 6".

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T-Post Puller

The Little Mighty Man T-post puller's unique spring-loaded lock system pulls T-posts out straight and undamaged in seconds. It can be used with a front-end loader or three-point hitch.

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Automatic Gate

The 2k2 Road Barrier electronic gate, from Gate Bird Long Range Gate Operator Co., allows entry with a tap of a horn. A 2"-diameter barrier arm comes in two 8' sections with a connector.

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