These new fencing tools can help you do the job easier and better. For more information on any of them, call the numbers listed or visit their Web sites.

Twin Mountain Fence Co., San Angelo, TX, introduces the E2000, a low-impedance, 110-volt energizer. It powers up to 200 miles of electrified wire with a 20-joule output performance.
Call 915-944-8661.

Up to 1,000 acres of multiwire fencing can be powered by the MBX2500 energizer from Gallagher Power Fence , San Antonio, TX. Its adaptive control technology holds a minimum voltage on a fenceline at all times and it operates on 110 or 220 volts with battery back-up. Instant and accurate information on stored energy and output, fence and ground voltage are displayed digitally.
Call 210-494-5211.

New Intellishock solar-assisted energizers analyze the ever-changing input needs of fences and automatically adjust to remove only the needed amount of battery energy. From Premier Fence Systems, Washington, IA, they drain less energy than competitive units of equal size. So smaller batteries and solar panels are needed for the same job.
Call 800-282-6631.

Equi-Rope and Equi-Braid electric fence wires are new from Dare Products, Battle Creek, MI. Both are highly visible and easy to install. The twisted Equi-Rope comes in 4, 6 and 8 mm sizes; the braided Equi-Braid is 7 mm thick.
Call 616-965-2307.

Self-contained HSS/P hydraulic post drivers from Worksaver, Litchfield, IL, are designed for low maintenance and long life. The drivers use their own hydraulic pumps, motors and reservoirs, eliminating risk of oil contamination.
Call 217-324-5973.

Weigh your pastured cattle with the SmartScale from Gallagher Power Fence. It has two weight-sensing loadbars that can be placed under a platform in an alleyway or directly under a squeeze chute. Its weight readout indicator has a special algorithm that “locks on” the animal's weight regardless of movement.
Call 210-494-5211 ext. 132.

The E-Z Pull Handle, from E-Z Products, Spearman, TX, can be used as a quick-and-easy grip for small, easy-to-pull rods used in electric fencing. Two handles may be used for pushing when the ground is soft.
Call 806-659-2467.

Land Pride, Salina, KS, offers three types of post hole diggers that feature tubular yokes and booms, plus reliable Pengo augers. They include hydraulically driven bucket-mounted and three-point tractor-mounted diggers as well as skid steer-mounted models.
Call 785-823-3276.

The Polystrand HTP is a high-quality horse-friendly fence from Centaur HTP Fencing Systems, Muscle Shoals, AL. It has single-strand fence rails made of 12.5-gauge galvanized high-tensile steel embedded in an HTP polymer coating. The rails' smooth ¼” outside diameter makes them highly visible, minimizing animal injuries. They come in white, black or brown and in 1,000' rolls.
Call 256-248-2474.

The world's first online interactive fence planner and ordering system has been introduced by Geotek, Inc., Stewartville, MN. It offers descriptions, photos, applications, accessories, prices and an online order form. Customers wanting help can locate the nearest dealer for the company's Common Sense Fence system.
Call 800-533-1680.

The Irrigate, from Ecklund Drive Thru Gates, Broadview, Saskatchewan, is designed for rotational grazing. The gate allows irrigation pivot towers to move through fence lines while maintaining a livestock-secure fence. Its 2', 10-gauge stainless steel gate rods have integral coil springs that return the gate to center while reducing pressure exerted against the post and pivot tower.
Call 306-696-3272.

Gogate, from Dennis Steel Co., Austin, TX, uses a gate treadle activated by a vehicle tire to open gates without electricity or battery-operated remote control devices. A Firestone air spring discharges ethylene glycol to automatically unlatch, open, latch in open position and close and latch the gate.
Call 512-259-4001.

The Model 500 swing gate operator kit from Byan Systems, Inc., Lusk, WY, offers quick and easy installation. Designed to operate with precision, it offers various power rates and function modifications for all types of gates. The kit's recommended for gates 12' long that weigh less than 1,500 lbs. Opening speed is about 12 seconds.
Call 800-223-2926.

The hand-held Smartfix quickly locates faults on electric fences. From Gallagher Power Fence, the unit accurately displays the direction of the fault and measures voltage, current and direction of the current flow. It has a large, easy-to-read display and advanced electronics.
Call 210-494-5211 ext. 132.

The Speedrite FenceAlert, from Tru-Test , Mineral Wells, TX, lets ranchers know when an electric fence isn't working. Clipped onto the fence wire, it detects low or intermittent voltages. When power wanes, its flash can be seen up to a mile away at night. The unit can be used on wire ranging from 16-gauge to 1½” electrified polytape.
Call 800-874-8494.

Cameo Fencing, Hammond, NY, introduces AgriBraid, a pure white braid made of polyester fiber. Treated for UV stability, it's ¼” in diameter with a higher breaking point than polywire or tape.
Call 315-324-6850.