If you're in the market for fencing products, check out the latest introductions and improvements from top fencing manufacturers. For additional information on any of the products listed, circle the appropriate numbers on the reply card on page 36, then mail it in. Or visit the Web sites listed below each item.


Three Speedrite energizers from Tru-Test, Mineral Wells, TX, replace the Panther series and update the Panther 36000R. The 12000R covers up to 180 acres, the 20000R, up to 275 acres and the 36000R, 500 acres. All models are remote-control capable and have low-voltage terminals as standard features. They offer enhanced-output performance as well as improved remote control technology.
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A handy portable fence energizer comes from Kencove Farm Fence, Inc., Blairsville, PA. The unit offers an adjustable power knob to control or extend battery life. It also has a battery indicator light and an LED indicator that flashes when voltage is above 3,500 volts. Optional solar panel kits each come with panel, mounting bracket and hardware.
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Twin Mountain Fence Co., San Angelo, TX, features the Titan TS75 solar energizer, digitally controlled to ensure peak performance under all conditions. Special features include built-in lightning protection, battery charge conservation, LCD panel with voltmeter and load factor display. Its elongated electrical pulse shape works on long fence lines or fences lined with weed growth, pushing electrical charge down the fence line with more force than do traditional spiked pulse shapes.
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The Parmak Range Master RM-1 is a newly redesigned fencer from Parker McCrory, Kansas City, MO. It has over 12.5 joules of shock output power, updated computer-controlled circuitry and the latest in electronic technology. Its digital meter shows the voltage — accurate within 100 volts — on the fence, while multi-color LED lights show the condition of the fence. It charges over 100 miles of fence.
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Pro-Tatch Inc., Grand Island, NE, has made its hydraulic wire winder more durable by improving the polyethylene bushings on the shaft. The hydraulic unit holds half a mile of barbed or a mile of smooth wire and offers a removable reel that splits to unload wire.
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HotStop conductors from Premier, Washington, IA, offer advanced conductivity and durability, portability and increased breaking strength. HotStop SuperWide Tape is 1½" wide and suited for short runs (less than 1,000') of fence.

Premier's HotStop Tape is 0.4" wide rather than the standard 0.5", so is less bulky and easier to unwind or wind and to install or remove from portable posts. HotStop Twine offers less conductivity than Premier's IntelliTwine at a lower cost.
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Parker McCrory Mfg., Kansas City, MO, introduces the Baygard Platinum Series heavy-duty electric fence wire and tape.

Used for permanent or temporary pastures and rotational grazing, it's available in 4 × 4 wire in 200- or 400-meter spools or ½"-, ⅞"- or 1½"-wide HV Equi-Tape. It resists kinking or sagging, is portable and durable and requires only hand tightening.
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Steel Jack Fence, from Liberty Companies, Great Falls, MT, is a modular, non-combustible, self-supporting fencing system that can be used in a variety of soil types and conditions. The fence, made of 14-gauge heavy-duty steel, is durable and relatively maintenance-free. It can be installed quickly and without welding or digging holes.
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Centaur HTP Fence Systems, Muscle Shoals, AL, offers its Hot-Rail horse fencing, which combines the safety and durability of a 5" flexible rail with electric fencing properties. There's no need to install a separate hot wire or braid and no dangerous loose wires or insulators, according to the company. Installation time is greatly reduced, too. Hot-Rail is made of HTP, a cross-linked polymer.
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Cameo Fencing, Inc., Hammond, NY, offers 440 Fence, a steel pipe fencing that comes as three-rail, four-rail or top-rail with three or four lines of Cameo, a white monofilament (single extrusion) of nylon-based UV-stabilized material.

The fencing, which offers four layers of rust protection, can be built with an allen wrench.
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An ATV gate from Pivotal Fencing Systems, Yuma, CO, has been redesigned for easier, faster installation in temporary gate situations. An operator can drive over the gate in either direction without having to physically open it. It uses the spring-loaded Pivotal Post and Shock-Cord Gate technology.
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The Shock-Cord Gate, also from Pivotal Fencing Systems, is made from bungee cord with four stainless steel wires woven into it for maximum transfer of electrical current. The bungee cord allows it to be self-adjusting up to 2.5 times its original length. A standard gate will fit gate openings 20-37' wide.
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Pivotal Fencing Systems' wire diverter, used in cross-fencing center-pivot irrigation, has been modified to fold for easier handling and storage. The diverter fastens to the base-beam of the center-pivot sprinkler tower to keep wires from catching on drivelines and gearboxes. Used with the company's Pivotal Post and Pivotal Fencing System, it has been insulated and reinforced for greater strength and durability.
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The TensileTec Tool from Kencove Farm Fence combines a wirecutter, 12.5-gauge crimper, cable stripper and staple puller into one unit. It comes with a gauge, allen wrench, plastic carry case and free crimp sleeves.
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The Tru-Close Mini-Multi Adjust hinge from D&D Technologies, Huntington Beach, CA, is a smaller version of the company's Multi-Adjust hinge. It fits lightweight, 55-lb gates made of vinyl, ornamental iron, aluminum or wood. The L-shaped mounting brackets provide two-faced fixing strength and easy installation for vinyl gates. A Mini-Multi Round hinge is available for chain link. Some of the hinge's models feature a longer leaf that can fit gate gaps of up to 2", allowing for horizontal slot adjustment of up to 1½" and vertical adjustment of up to ¾".
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The Z-Lokk magnetic gate lock, also by D&D Technologies, combines magnetic technology with six-pin locks for added security. It can be installed with no milling, hole drilling or welding. Made of tough engineering polymers and 316-grade stainless steel components, it won't rust or corrode. The lock can be rekeyed to other locks, is adjustable ½" vertically and horizontally during and after fitting, and fits right- or left-hand gates. Two models fit gate frames from 1-1⅝" and 1¾- 2½".
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Dare Products, Inc., Battle Creek, MI, introduces its Rownd Up Gate Latch, which can self-latch using one hand. It's made of reinforced 10-gauge steel. One- and two-way latches are available.
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