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The FC 813 R and FC 883 combination mower-conditioners each has one front and two rear units with working widths of 26'7" and 28'11", respectively. Manufactured by Kuhn Farm Machinery, Vernon, NY, they feature close and clean cutting at all speeds and even weight distribution across the entire cutterbar

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The TMC-190 mower-conditioner from John Deere has a 30' cutting width. It mounts to the front of 7300, 7400, 7500 and older model 6000 series self-propelled forage harvesters in place of the cutterhead assembly, combining three modules on a foldable main frame. The unit folds to less than a 10' width for easy transport and maneuverability on public roads.

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Krone's BP-12130 4 × 4 big square baler has standard features found on other models in the company's Big Pack line. Its V.F.S. prechamber reduces stress loads and improves bale flake density. Its large flywheel and ram force — 38 strokes per minute — lowers tractor horsepower requirement, and its double knotter has an adjustable compressed-air knotter cleaner for less downtime.

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Two heavy-duty, central-pivot disc mower-conditioners from Kuhn Farm Machinery are available in 13'1" working widths. The FC 4000G and FC 4000RG feature the Gyrodine swivel hitch that allows for tight turns, a central-pivot tongue design and a low-profile cutterbar.

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Claas of America's Disco 3050TC, a 9'10" hydraulic swing mower-conditioner, has seven additional tines for uniform conditioning. Its redesigned conditioner hood helps the operator dial in the amount of conditioning required for a large range of crops. New access panels and redesigned gearboxes give serviceability.

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Claas' 8550AS, a three-gang mower-conditioner with merging unit, mows and conditions 26' in a single pass. Mergers fold out of the way when not used or fold down for a quick conversion to a mower/merger unit. They can be moved on a track to vary from one large windrow to three small ones laid side by side.

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A new 5 × 4' round baler from Vermeer features a wide pickup assembly with direct crop feed and revamped power bale ramp and net-wrap systems. The 504M's direct crop feed system consists of a wide, reinforced five-bar pickup and double augers tucked directly in front of the bottom drum roller of the baler. It bales 47"-wide bales that can vary from 24" to 62" in diameter.

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New Holland's BR-A Series Roll-Belt round baler series offers several improvements. Its redesigned pickup band and new method of band attachment lets bands easily flex under harsh baling conditions. BR770A and BR780A models include in-feed discs as part of the main-frame weld assembly. Endless belts for BR740A and BR750A models are thicker for improved belt stiffness and denser bale formation.

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ROC mergers pick up swaths of any width or configuration and place them on a self-cleaning belt. The resulting windrow is light, fluffy and free of dirt or foreign material. Models RT 650, RT 950 and RT 1220 come in working widths ranging from 21'4" to 40'. Made in Italy, the mergers are distributed by ROC America, Brillion, WI.

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H&S Manufacturing, Marshfield, WI, introduces a three-point front-mount merger with hydraulic drive; a 9'-wide, flexible pick-up head with replaceable plastic teeth; independent flotation and adjustable pick-up gauge wheels. The poly wind guard on the head provides smooth pick-up of material.

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The TWM12 twin merger, also from H&S Manufacturing, features a self-contained hydraulic system, independent head flotation, and a high-capacity 54" cross conveyor. Its 12' pick-up heads with durable plastic teeth eliminate the chance of metal in the crop. The merger's tricycle design allows for easy maneuverability and smooth flotation over uneven terrain.

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The Hydra-Swing Merger from H&S Manufacturing is available with 9' or 12' heads. Its optional 2', 4' or 6' extension hydraulically folds up or down for merging smaller- or larger-width windrows. Pick-up speed is variably controlled by the tractor flow control for greater flexibility. Independent head flotation provides smooth flotation over rough or uneven ground.

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The Golden Eagle 40' hay rake/merger, from Circle C Equipment, Hermiston, OR, has adjustable depth bands to prevent soil penetration for longer tine life and less dirt in the windrow. The tines simply comb stubble, creating a very uniform windrow. The rake's 16-spoke heavy-duty wheels are framed with steel tubing.

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The X10 and X13 rakes from H&S Manufacturing feature a no-caster-wheel design, short turning radius, and an overhead frame design for high-volume crop capacity. A variable main-frame width adjustment opens symmetrically, with hitch height and beam fore and aft tilt easily controlled by a ratchet jack.

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The SR 100 Series SpeedRake, from Kuhn Farm Machinery, available in eight-, 10- and 12-wheel configurations, comes in working widths ranging from 15'10" to 23'4". Windrow width adjusts from 36" to 84". The rake's high-clearance design gives unrestricted crop flow and uniform windrows.

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Ag Shield, Manitoba, Canada, has developed an optional spinner spreader attachment for its ReCon 300 that allows for tedding. The spreader's two hydraulic motors run in series through a variable-speed control valve. Depending on crop material, spinners can be set for tedding crop from 8' to more than 20' wide.

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The 10 Series carted wheel rakes, from Frontier Equipment, are available with eight, 10 or 12 raking wheels. These models work with tractors with at least 20 hp and let the operator easily adjust windrow width, ground pressure and raking angle. Closely spaced tines on the 55" finger-type raking wheels allow for clean windrow formation. An optional center kicker wheel fluffs the center of the windrow.

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Vermeer's high-capacity WRX wheel rake handles widths up to 35'4". It comes in an 18-wheel configuration with a 20-wheel option that can rake up to 39'. The rake is built with a 6 × 8" cross frame with 5/16"-thick wall tubing. It's equipped with four-bar parallel linkage on the rear sliding mechanism and seven wheels on the ground. A center-beam-support “bogie” wheel improves overall stability and durability of the frame.

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Frontier Equipment's tedders are compatible with 15- to 30-hp tractors and have 9' to 23' working widths. Each tedder features balloon tires for smooth operation over irregular terrain. The drawbar hitch lets the unit precisely follow rigid ground contours.

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The Ag-Bag 6070P silage bagger from Miller St. Nazianz, St. Nazianz, WI, has interchangeable 9' and 10' tunnel options and can fill bags up to 300' long. Its low rotor position gives good silage packing; its planetary drive offers tough, reliable performance.

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The CMF-700 vertical mixer cuts and mixes dry or wet hay, straw, silage, grains, minerals and supplements into a total mixed ration. From Haybuster/Duratech Industries, Jamestown, ND, it features a 1¾", 1,000-rpm, heavy-duty, constant-velocity pto driveline; a 36" discharge conveyor that can unload from either side; a 55" maximum unloading height and a 700-cubic foot mixing capacity.

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