Seed of three new wheatgrass varieties is expected to be introduced next spring. Developed by scientists at USDA-ARS and the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, the varieties are adapted to the central and northern Great Plains. They are:

Beefmaker, an intermediate wheatgrass that's high in protein and highly digestible. It's recommended for yearling beef steers.

Haymaker, an intermediate wheatgrass that produces high hay yields in low-rainfall areas. It's intended as a cool-season hay crop for maintaining beef cow herds.

NU-ARS AC2, a Fairway type of crested wheatgrass. Adapted to semiarid regions, it yields equal to some of the best standard crested wheatgrass varieties even though it's about 6” shorter. The scientists say it should yield well when used to reseed cool-season pastures and rangeland in mid- and short-grass regions.