The latest details on the use of wet distillers' grain (WDG) in dairy rations are in two new publications from South Dakota State University.

Ensiling Wet Distillers' Grains with Other Feeds discusses WDG's fermentation characteristics and feed value. Then it covers mixtures of WDG and several other feeds, including corn silage, soy hulls, beet pulp or crop residues such as cornstalks. It points out that blends of WDG and corn silage may have improved aerobic stability when exposed to air, compared to straight corn silage.

The authors of Use of By-Products in Growing Heifer Diets point out that WDG has more protein, fat and phosphorus than heifers need. But a blend of the right amounts of WDG and small grain straw or cornstalks can match their nutrient requirements. At South Dakota State, heifers gained 2.31 lbs/day on a WDG-cornstalk blend.

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