A new name – Alforex Seeds – will encompass all of Dow AgroSciences’ alfalfa research and development and seed production operations, says Paul Frey, Alforex Seeds general manager. It will also include the global licensing and private-label alfalfa businesses that were managed by Cal West and Dairyland Seed.

Dow AgroSciences acquired Cal West and Producer’s Choice last year and Dairyland Seed in 2008.

“Dow AgroSciences has some remarkabletechnologies that now are available to us to enhance our conventional alfalfa breeding,” says Frey, who was Cal West’s president/CEO. “We’re planning to leverage these technologies to accelerate improvements in alfalfa.

“The new name denotes the company’s priority on developing and providing alfalfa and forage products and technology that producers and agribusiness can rely on,” he adds.

Producer’s Choice will be a featured brand for Alforex Seeds going forward, Frey says. Dairyland Seed will continue to market and sell the Dairyland brand alfalfa.

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