Here’s a synopsis of recent news reports and press releases of interest to hay and forage growers.

  • Almarai, the largest dairy foods company in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, bought more than 9,800 acres of farmland near Vicksburg, AZ. The company plans to grow alfalfa to be shipped to its dairy production facilities in Saudi Arabia, according to a report from the Kingdom’s state news agency. Sale price of the property, which includes 4,400 irrigated acres, was $47.5 million.
  • Increasing Alfalfa and Other Forage Yields Through Efficient Irrigation Solutions is the title of a new, eight-page brochure from Lindsay Corporation, maker of Zimmatic by Lindsay irrigation systems. Best practices and the latest research on achieving higher yields, optimizing water use and lowering costs through precision irrigation are covered.
  • Soil salinity and its impact on alfalfa are the focal points of Alfalfa Management For Saline Soils, a guide published by Producer’s Choice, a featured brand of newly formed Alforex Seeds. Management practices that can help growers prevent, measure and reduce germination and yield losses from soil salinity are featured in the 24-page publication. A section on salinity breeding and genetic improvement is included.
  • A new “how-to” guide on subsurface drip irrigation (SDI), Irrigation Solutions, is now available from Toro. Along with providing an overview of SDI technology, the guide provides information illustrating the benefits of adopting such systems for crops including alfalfa, corn, cotton, soybeans and sugarcane. It also summarizes important considerations in SDI design, installation, operation and maintenance, and points to other helpful resources.
  • A Pesticide and Field Records app developed by Iowa State University Extension is now available to Android operating system phone and tablet users. The free app, already available for iPads, was developed to help producers and ag businesses record and maintain pesticide application information. Users can link information to specific field locations using satellite mapping and document pesticide application data needed to comply with state and federal recordkeeping requirements. The app can be downloaded from Google Play for android operating systems and from iTunes for iPads.