U.S. alfalfa-hay prices dropped by $2/ton and all-hay prices by $5/ton in June compared to the previous month’s totals, according to USDA’s Agricultural Prices report released June 27.

The overall average U.S. alfalfa price declined slightly to $222/ton in June compared with the May $224/ton average. It was only a bit higher than the June 2013 price of $220/ton. The average June all-hay price was $197/ton, a decrease of $5/ton compared to May's $202/ton figure. It averaged $2/ton less than the June 2013 per-ton price of $199.

A number of Western states paid even more for all hay last month than they did in May. Dry California’s average all-hay price for June was $264/ton, an $18 hike from its May level of $246/ton. From May to June, Washington all-hay prices jumped $26/ton to $225/ton, while Idaho prices leapt $25/ton to $218/ton. Oregon averaged a price increase of $12/ton to $220/ton and New Mexico increased $10/ton to $266/ton. Arizona's June average was $240/ton, the same price as reported the previous month. Nevada’s all-hay price settled at $230/ton, a $5/ton drop since May.

The nation's lowest all-hay prices were $89/ton in North Dakota, a drop of $11/ton from May's average, and $90/ton in Missouri, a $24/ton drop from the previous month’s total. The average price in Kentucky dropped to $112/ton, down from $130/ton in May.

The highest average alfalfa prices in June were reported from California at $280/ton, New Mexico at $275/ton and Texas at $262/ton. The lowest alfalfa prices were found in North Dakota at $91/ton, Montana at $130/ton, Nebraska at $133/ton and South Dakota at $135/ton.

Washington saw the biggest hike in alfalfa prices for the month of June – jumping $30/ton – followed by Idaho, up by $25/ton. Both states averaged $220/ton June prices. Kansas June prices topped out at $212/ton, a $23/ton hike from the month-earlier average.

Minnesota reported the largest price drop in alfalfa prices, by $16/ton, for an average June price of $170/ton. Missouri alfalfa growers saw their average prices drop by $10/ton, to $180/ton.