Compared to the previous month’s prices, the January average price for all hay dropped by a hair while alfalfa stayed the same, according to USDA’s Agricultural Prices report released Jan. 31. At $191/ton, January’s average all-hay price was down $1 from December’s, but up $19 from the average price in January of 2012. The average January alfalfa price of $217/ton was up $24/ton from the year-earlier price.

Missouri had the largest month-to-month increase in alfalfa prices – $20/ton. In Pennsylvania, the January price dropped by $39/ton from the December average price.

Among the 27 reporting states, Ohio had the highest average alfalfa price in January, at $255/ton. That was down $7/ton from December’s average price. North Dakota reported the lowest alfalfa price at $134/ton, unchanged from the average price of the month before.