U.S. alfalfa hay prices dropped by $5/ton in November compared to the previous month’s prices, according to a preliminary report released by USDA on Nov. 30.

The average alfalfa hay price during November was $198/ton compared to $203/ton in October, according to USDA’s Agricultural Prices report. In November 2010, the price was $117/ton.

New Mexico reported a November price of $309/ton, up $14/ton from October’s average price and up $144/ton from the November 2010 average. The price was lowest in North Dakota at $73/ton. That compares to an October price of $68/ton and a November 2010 figure of $58/ton.

For all hay, USDA reported an average price of $176/ton in November. That’s down $5 from October’s price, but up $66 from last November’s.