W-L Research celebrated its 55th anniversary this summer during the opening of a new Forage Genetics International (FGI) research facility in Davis, CA.

As part of FGI, W-L is a research-focused plant breeding and seed development company. Founded in 1958, W-L works to create top-quality alfalfa seed that helps advance production for farmers.

“Today, thanks to that commitment, farmers across the country – and the world – are benefiting from advanced alfalfa products that span the entire spectrum of dormancies, technologies, and current and future traits,” says Jeremy Hayward, W-L Alfalfas brand manager.

W-L has partnered with FGI to create one of the best global research and development programs in the world. The program has been first in developing and releasing multiple high-performance alfalfa varieties, including eight Genuity Roundup Ready alfalfas.

The FGI research facility includes a greenhouse and offices, with 40 acres for plot and field research

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