The American Forage and Grassland Council (AFGC) has developed a certification program for individuals working in the U.S. forage industry. The program is designed to ensure that the qualifications necessary to carry out professional work in the forages area – such as planning conservation practices and implementing resource management of pasture, hay land and grazed cropland – have been met.

The program is similar to the Certified Range Management Consultant Program adminis-tered by the Society for Range Management.

AFGC will thoroughly evaluate the credentials of applicants wishing to become Certified Grassland Professionals. They will also be required to take certification exams. However, 2005 will be a “grandfather period,” during which individuals can submit their applications to AFGC to be screened by a review panel. If an individual’s application is approved, he or she will not have to take a certification exam.

For more information, contact AFGC at 800-944-2342 or visit