Managing pastures for productivity is the key to successful grazing, points out Maribel Fernandez, Wright County, MN, extension educator.

You can’t control temperature and rainfall, but you can control soil fertility, weeds and grazing severity, says Fernandez.

Her spring pasture management recommendations:

o Collect soil samples, have them analyzed and fertilize accordingly.

o Don’t turn cattle onto a pasture or paddock until the forage averages at least 5-6" tall.

o Remove the cattle when the forage averages 3" of height.

o Mow or spot-spray herbicide to control annual weeds at the flower bud stage.

The University of Minnesota Extension Service will sponsor grazing management workshops at the Centennial Room in Cokato, June 19 and 26. For more information, call 800-362-3667, or log onto .