The recently published Third Edition of Southern Forages contains more pages than the first two, along with extensive chapter revisions, topic updates and other improvements.

Published by the Potash & Phosphate Institute and the Foundation for Agronomic Research, the 332-page book covers forage systems for beef, dairy, horses, sheep, goats and other types of livestock. Wildlife, conservation and environmental benefits of forages also are emphasized. It’s authored by Carl Hoveland, Garry Lacefield and Don Ball, agronomists at the University of Georgia, University of Kentucky and Auburn University, respectively.

Southern Forages is used by livestock producers; seed, equipment and fertilizer dealers; and as a textbook for students. To get a copy of the new edition, send a $34 check to the Potash & Phosphate Institute at 655 Engineering Dr., Suite 110, Nor-cross, GA 30092-2837. You can also order online at . For information on multiple book or international orders, call 770-825-8082.