Wisconsin Graziers Will Meet In February

Wisconsin GLCI

"Grazing Toward a Greener Tomorrow" is the theme of the 2003 Wisconsin Grazing Conference, set for Feb. 16-18 in Ste-vens Point.

Utah State University range scientist Fred Provenza will be the keynote speaker. His topic: how livestock diet preferences are deter-mined. From conception to weaning, says Provenza, calf and lamb eating pref-erences are shaped by those of their moth-ers.

Other speakers will include Larry Shearer, who will share tips on sea-sonal dairy grazing. His seasonal dairy supports two families by keeping productivity high, ex-penses low and minimizing debt.

Michigan State ex-tension dairy/livestock specialist Ben Bartlett will address low-stress livestock handling. Pro-ducers may be surprised at how they can improve pas-tures and production with these techniques, not to mention their atti-tudes.

Finally, Greg Judy says, "No money, no land, no problem!" You can run a profitable grazing operation by finding low-cost (even free) land leases, custom-grazing cattle and keeping a posi-tive attitude, according to Judy. He runs more than 1,000 cattle on 1,500 acres of leased land in Missouri.

The annual conference is sponsored through the efforts of the Wisconsin State Graz-inglands Coalition. For more information, contact Paul Nehring, at 210 River Drive, Wausau, WI 54403. Phone: 715-261-6009.