A new online Forage Exchange created by Cornell Cooperative Extension is now available to help ensure that flooded New York farms won’t run out of feed for their livestock.

Hurricane Irene devastated many farms in the state, damaged others and left still others relatively untouched. Many farmers are in desperate need of forages and other feed. The Forage Exchange will enable those who have available feed to post that information, and farmers who need feed to locate it. All transactions, including making arrangements for transportation, will take place between the farmers themselves.

The exchange is posted online at ccetest-lamp.cit.cornell.edu/forage/. Additional resources for farms damaged by the flooding are available at www.cce.cornell.edu.

Extension educators and Farm Bureau staff across the state will be available to help farmers use the exchange. Cornell Cooperative Extension created it in cooperation with the New York Farm Bureau and the New York State Department of Agriculture and Markets.