The University of Tennessee (UT) has published a how-to guide on growing switchgrass for ethanol fuel in an effort to educate growers and consumers.

The four-page extension fact sheet, (SP701-A) is called Growing And Harvesting Switchgrass For Ethanol Production In Tennessee.

It is part of a state-sponsored UT Biofuels Initiative, according to Delta Farm Press. The initiative aims to construct and operate a 5-million-gallon/year cellulosic ethanol facility in East Tennessee that will rely on a constant supply of plant material to produce ethanol. Scientists at UT say switchgrass, a warm-season grass native to Tennessee, will be the primary feedstock for the facility.

At maximum production capacity, the facility will need to be supplied with 170 tons of switchgrass per day. Another fact sheet, called Biofuels 101, is also available here.