Not all silage corn hybrids are the same – silage yield and quality can differ significantly, says Jeff Coulter, University of Minnesota (U of M) Extension agronomist. In U of M 2010 corn silage hybrid trials, Coulter recently examined the differences, in silage dry matter yield, between the highest- and lowest-yielding hybrids tested. They ranged from 2.6 tons/acre in one location to 4.3 tons/acre at another.

In comparison, the difference among hybrids in overall silage quality, in milk/ton, ranged from 290 lbs/ton at one trial location to 650 lbs/ton at another.

Coulter provides a handy table showing silage yield and quality ranges from six Minnesota trials evaluating from 22 to 60 different hybrids. He also provides suggestions on how to test hybrids on your farm. For more, visit