Hay growers tell what has worked for them in their successful businesses at the opening session of Hay & Forage Grower’s March 13-14 Midwest Hay Business Conference. It will be held at the KCI Expo Center, Kansas City, MO.

The grower panel, a traditional and popular start to this annual conference, will include: Dutch Rodger, Decatur, AR; Roger Hatcher, Cumberland, VA; and J.J. Granstrom, Holstein, NE. Lunch and a two-hour trade-show session follow, giving growers opportunities to see the latest in forage equipment and technology.

Afternoon topics and speakers the first day of the conference will be:
• Biotech traits in alfalfa: What’s next? – Peter Reisen, Director of Biotechnology at Forage Genetics.
• Why hay growers need to think as much about marketing their hay as they do about producing it – George James, President, Lucerne Farms, Fort Fairfield, ME.
• Is making hay the organic way for you? – Lou Anderson, S&L Commodities, Fairfield, ID.

On March 14, Dick Wittman, Wittman Consulting, Culdesac, ID, will talk on how hay growers can use financial planning to maximize profitability. Tim Stanton, Sunset Stables, Loveland, CO, will follow with strategies to sell hay profitably to the horse market. The closing session with provide profitable solutions to alfalfa production problems with speakers Dan Undersander, University of Wisconsin, and Jim Shroyer, Kansas State University.