Weevils May Be Feeding In Indiana
Indiana hay growers should be on the lookout for alfalfa weevils now. Alfalfa fields in southern and central Indiana need to be inspected immediately for weevil tip feeding and skeletonization of leaves, say Purdue University entomologists.

Reports of heavy alfalfa weevil feeding are coming in from southern Michigan, and cutting is seven to 14 days away, says Christina DiFonzo, Michigan State University entomologist. She says the easiest scouting method measures tip injury. Survey across the field -- not just on one side or on an edge. Check 100 stem tips for feeding. She recommends treating the field if 40% of stems show damage and the field won't be cut for at least seven days. After cutting, check regrowth for weevil larvae and treat if you find more than six to eight larvae per square foot.